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How to manage multiple iOS devices with one Apple ID.

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Max Cohen

Surprise! You don't...

how to manage multiple ios devices with one apple id

This is something that I heard all too much at my last job.  There is an overwhelming gap in knowledge of how Apple ID works and the role that it plays in deploying Apple devices.  Customers would pull their hair out trying to find out how to manage multiple iOS devices with one Apple ID.

Chances are, you are starting to realize this as you attempt to log into 5, 10, 15, 100 devices with the same Apple ID, and slowly start to contemplate jumping out of your office window.


Apple ID is going to be the catalyst of your end user having a great experience on the device that you assign to them, as well as what makes their personal devices personal.  I have a guide that explains this below, however if there is one thing that you can take away from it, it is this.

If the device you would like to manage belongs to an employee, or you are assigning them one to use.  They should always log in with their own personal Apple ID.  If the device is shared by a number of different users.  Do not log in with an Apple ID anywhere on the device.

So by this point, I bet you are pretty confused.  Maybe you think I am crazy.  You may be saying... "Well how the hell am I going to download apps on the devices with no Apple ID?" 

Well, Apple has fixed this problem.  All be it a long time ago.  But a surprisingly large amount of IT directors, mobility managers, and other folks who are pulling their hair out trying to deploy iPads, iPhone, and Macs have no idea what it is, how to use it, or why it makes their life easier.

The program is called the Volume Purchase Program, and it part of Apple's Deployment Programs located at deploy.apple.com.  Our guide below explains how this all works, and why you should be using it.  Defintely take some time to check it out.  I promise it's worth it.

how to manage multiple ios devices with one apple id  

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